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"A truly indescribable feeling - totally relaxing - a physical, mental & spiritual rejuvenation. The stones have a remarkable healing energy."
Sue R.
“You were so attentive -
my ‘computer neck’ thanks you.”
Diane D.

Truly Therapeutic/Medical Massage

This session will utilize various techniques such as Myofascial Release, Trigger Point techniques and others with medium to deep pressure. If you have any aches, pains (either acute or chronic), or tension this treatment is for you. This treatment will also be customized to you with every effort being made to keep you comfortable while relieving your pain and/or tension.

1/2 hour $50 | 1 hour $80 | 1 1/2 hour $110
Tru Relaxation Massage

Long, sweeping, rhythmical strokes of light to medium pressure are customized for you for you for the ultimate relaxation experience. This treatment is ideal for anyone, especially those under exceptional stress.

1/2 hour $40 | 1 hour $70 | 1 1/2 hour $100
Pre-Natal Massage

Customized for the expecting mother. Pregnancy cushions are available allowing total comfort for the mom and baby. The massage strokes used are specifically for the expecting mother usually with emphasis on the traditional physical changes the mom-to-be is experiencing such as in the hip and lower back areas as well as sciatic nerve pain and swelling.

1/2 hour $40 | 1 hour $70 | 1 1/2 hour $100
LaStone Therapy
(the Original Hot Stone Massage)

There is nothing more relaxing as well as therapeutic as lying on a bed of warm and cool stones while also being caressed by smooth warm stones to melt away any and all unwanted stresses and strains. Cool stones are also utilized in various spots such as the neck and lower back to promote a “vascular gymnastics” of sorts the perfect remedy for chronic muscle spasms/pain.

1 hour $80 | 1 1/2 hour $110
Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Body & Face

This is the Dr. Vodder technique, a light rhythmical treatment for those who may be experiencing pain (ideal for Fibromyalgia), swelling, edema due to Cancer treatments, allergies, skin disorders (such as acne, rosacea, Lupus) and much more. An effective treatment for over 60 different pathologies. Ask me how it can benefit you.

1/2 hour $50 | 1 hour $80 | 1 1/2 hour $110

Cancellation Policy:

Please allow 24 hour notice of cancellation or change of appointment. I reserve the right to charge full-price for appointments that have been missed or cancelled without proper notification.

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